Welcome from the Head of School

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to Stevenson!  Our school holds an important position within the New York City education landscape and the continuum of care for emotionally complex students.  We take both learning and emotional complexities seriously, and we are proud to provide that dual focus to students and families who have struggled in more traditional school settings. 

Stevenson is an independent college preparatory school with therapeutic components designed to promote academic engagement and social-emotional connections.  Oftentimes, that dual pursuit starts as reconnecting with the general school experience, meaning that comfort and confidence are rebuilt. Students are then positioned to re-engage in analyzing texts, debating issues, balancing equations, and composing essays.  

Although we push every Stevenson student to develop in new ways, we do not take growth for granted.  Instead, we expect difficulties, and we plan for them. Our doctoral-level clinical team is available to provide on-demand interventions, and our faculty trains in evidence-based therapeutic approaches in order to integrate sound support from start to finish each day.  Each day also begins with our full faculty and clinical staff meeting together in order to merge their expertise and discuss students.

The integrated support across Stevenson encourages trust, patience, and determination.  Successes follow. One important form of that success exists in the pursuit of personalized goals.  By engaging with teachers, advisors, and clinicians, each student is positioned to consider and develop personal goals, interests, and talents and to expand their appreciation for new ideas and experiences.  We look for where each learner is at the moment and seek ways to promote personalized development.

Stevenson’s small, specialized learning environment resonates with students of varied backgrounds, and, time and time again, students have demonstrated a proclivity for finding and valuing commonalities in each other’s life experience. We look to build on those intuitive connections through program components like our distinctive three-times-a-day Advising, our therapeutic social groups, and our student-driven clubs and sports.  Whether redesigning curricular plans, creating projects and clubs based on student interests, or collaborating with a student’s family and professional team, Stevenson is designed to purposefully flex in favor of student needs and interests. 

Stevenson is truly a place to see in action, and we value connecting with interested parents and professionals alike.  If you think a college preparatory therapeutic day school may be the right choice for you or a student you know, we hope you will reach out to us at Stevenson.  We are here to help.

Chris Ongaro, EdD

Head of School